The Future of grabber is here.

Without share your private information as "email and passwords".

"We never asked for any confidential information"

Without pay for each account. You can use multiple accounts with a single subscription.

"You don't need to pay more if you have one or more account"

We create some features thinking about your needs

All these features are included in any subscription.

Pick up Point

Choose the station of your preference where you want to start working.

Block Duration

Determine how many hours you want to work for each of your blocks.

Multi Capture

Capture blocks continuously and without interruptions. How about one more block?

Multi Accounts

You captured a block. What do you think about changing accounts and continue capturing blocks?

Log Record

Displays the record of captured or lost blocks. Learn at what time the blocks come out.


We offer 24/7 support before any eventuality. We are here to assist you.

The Future of grabber is here.
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